Blessing Bags

The Spectrum Journeys Inc Blessing Bag project is a unique and special opportunity to show Mums/Carers of children on the Autism Spectrum that they are valued, cherished & appreciated.  The Blessing Bags are packed full of pamper items & are beautifully packaged with an affirming card that encourages a mum/carer. This project is a donation based project. 

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The project:

Blessing Bags are given to schools and early
childhood services
, free of charge, to distribute to mums/carers of children with Autism. The bags are designed to be an encouragement and full of delightful items that a mum may not buy for herself. It demonstrates that she is of value and
is an opportunity to encourage self care.

Please note - we do not give Blessing Bags out to individuals.  We give the Blessing Bags to schools and early childhood services to distribute to their communities.

Please note, registration does not guarantee Blessing Bags, as it this project is purely donation based.

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How to get involved:

We have a shopping list which we invite people to buy items off each month. We welcome donations from groups or individuals. Should you wish to
contribute financially, we have tax deductible status for donations over $2.00.

Shopping list here


Each bag is worth between $70-$90. We are excited to partner with you to support women in our community!

• Get a group together – workplace, family, church, school, kindergarten, sports club or mother's group
• Download a shopping list (we do not accept items outside of the listed ones)
• Register your group via email
• Collect pamper items and bless a mum/carer
• Donate the goods & we will package them up to deliver to schools and early childhood services

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Your Feedback

"I received a Blessing Bag and I wanted to say a huge thank you! The card made me cry as they were words I needed to hear this week. It came at just the right moment. Thank you to all the wonderful people that make it possible"  - Melinda

"I had the pleasure of handing out Blessing Bags at the school where I work.  What a privilege! All of the Mum's were blown away, said how the bags made them feel special and how it had made their day.  One mum said she didn't feel deserving enough.  What a great way to encourage these Mums.  Thank you so much for your Blessing Bags!" - Sarah, Chaplain


Blessing Bag Expression of Interest Form

You are invited to download and submit the attached form to register your School or Early Childhood Service for Blessing Bags.  This form does not guarantee Bags.  Blessing Bags are based on donations and support received.  We prioritize groups Schools or Early Childhood Services that have not received Blessing Bags in the past.

Please email the document to

Expression of Interest form